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What does Feedee mean?

A feedee is one part of (usually) two people in a feeder relationship.

The feedee’s main goal is to gain weight. He or she will eat and eat continuously, as much as they can handle without vomiting, to increase more and more in size.

To reach their goal, the feedee is fed by a feeder, who will continuously give them food.

Most feedee’s end up extremely obese and dependent on their feeder to do basic tasks.

In a feeder relationship, the female is usually the feedee, and the male is the feeder.

Feederism is a sexual kink, or fetish, in which the feeder gains pleasure from making a thin girl obese, and the feedee gains pleasure from getting fed and gaining weight.

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What's the origin of Feedee?

Feederism became a thing in the beginning of the 21st century, and is an erotic kink under “fat fetishism”, a particular kind of fetish involving fat and obese people.

Spread and Usage

How did Feedee spread?

The kink is usually enjoyed by the particularly interested, and the internet is filled with porn videos simply featuring a large woman getting food stuffed in her mouth by a man. These “porn” videos often don’t even involve nudity or sex, just feeding.

YouTube, and some feederism dedicated erotica pages, has videos showing feedee growth progression and non-stop eating.

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