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What does Felcher mean?

Felcher is the person who licks or sucks their own semen with a straw out of the other person’s butthole after having anal sex.

Fun fact is that “Felcher” can be a surname as well, which is just a curse some people have to live with.

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What's the origin of Felcher?

The origin of the term is uncertain.

There isn’t enough information about this slang because it’s not exactly a popular term, so can’t really determine an exact time of the origin, but it was most likely created in the 21st century.

Licking the semen of one and other’s asshole is yet another crazy thing modern day society would come up with.

Spread and Usage

How did Felcher spread?

“Felcher” is not the most frequently used term with not too much information available on the term in general, it is way less widespread than some other popular ones.

These days, according to multiple sources, such as Urban Dictionary and Reddit “Felcherhas a more shared meaning than just sucking out the cum of another person’s anus.

It can now even mean that you are a bottom feeder of some sort.

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