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What does Flogger mean?

The term “Flogger” is a BDSM sexual fetish tool, which is used to spank the masochist man/women in a BDSM sexual act.

It’s a small whip with multiple rubbers strapped to its handle, which is used for light spanking in kinky sexual acts, to tease ones partner.

Paracord Flogger

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What's the origin of Flogger?

“Flogger” was made as a variant from of the original whip, which was used to torture people, however the original version had small hooks attached to the end of each rubber whip to maximise the pain and damage it can cause to the skin of the tortured.

Later the sexual industries started to see a potential in BDSM and Sado-maso sexual acts so they started to use it as a tool that can give pleasure for the masochistic people, while having intercourse.

Spread and Usage

How did Flogger spread?

“Flogger” is popular among the a BDSM and Sado-maso communities all around the world and can be seen on porn sites on the internet, like PornHub and RedTube.

It became even more popular, since the general audience was granted access to the “50 Shade of Grey” books and later a movie adaptation.

This has sparked the attention of housewives, who wanted to try something a bit different after reading the books or seeing the movie.

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