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What does Fluffer mean?

Fluffer is a beautiful word with two equally beautiful meanings. The earlier meaning of the term comes from the porn industry, where it refers to the person assuring that the male actor’s penis stays erect between two scenes.

An unpleasant, but necessary job, we must all agree. On the internet though, in dog lover circles fluffer refers to cute, furry dogs.

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What's the origin of Fluffer?

The term originates from the middle of the 20th century, when the porn industry started out on its path to greatness.

It is around this time, that fluffer got adopted into the English dictionary, for the workers who were keeping the male genitalia on set fluffed, or erect.

Spread and Usage

How did Fluffer spread?

Nowadays the profession has become more obscure, considered by many to be an urban myth or a male fantasy, though sometimes studios use fluffers when shooting a gangbang scene, with lots of men needing to be ready to jump in in a moment’s notice.

In the 2010’s however fluffer got its new sense, that is way more family friendly and pleasant to do research on, believe me.

It got adopted into the doggolingo that is an internet language, filled with terms referring to dogs, fur and other cute parts of canines.

The term is present on social media sites, thanks to dog lovers, though if you dare to type it into Google, get ready to see some not safe for work content.

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