Forced Bi

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What does Forced Bi mean?

A sexual BDSM activity where the submissive part of the relationship, often called slave, is forced to engage in sexual activities with another person of the same sex.

The submissive is in this case normally straight, but is forced to engage in homosexual or lesbian activities. However, the sub is in this case normally male, with a female Dominatrix.

It requires minimum three people, of which one is the dominant female, and normally two straight, male submissives.

The Dominatrix will then control and dominate the two submissives into sexual acts with each other against their will, but they will do it, because they gain pleasure from being controlled.

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What's the origin of Forced Bi?

This particular sexual activity, consisting of submissive male(s) and a dominant female belongs to the BDSM sub-genre Femdom.

Femdom involves the submissive men dominated into doing things they don’t like, in this case, straight men forced to do homosexual erotic activities.

The “bi” in Forced Bi refers to “bisexual”.

Spread and Usage

How did Forced Bi spread?

Femdom, BDSM and Forced Bi are sexual preferences for the particularly interested. For most participants, it is a coping mechanism for daily stressors, previous trauma or mental quirks.

Men in power will surprisingly often enjoy being dominated and controlled behind closed doors, even if it means engaging in same-sex erotic activities – as long as it is forced by a dominating woman.

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