Fuck buddy

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What does Fuck buddy mean?

The fantasy of every teenage boy, a fuck buddy is someone you are having a sexual affair with, without all the burdens of a romantic relationship.

These burdens include jealousy, emotional vulnerability and commitment. With a fuck buddy, the only thing you need to care about is protection… and not breaking the one and only rule: no romantic feelings.

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What's the origin of Fuck buddy?

A few centuries ago a fuck buddy came in the form of lovers and whorehouse workers – something taboo to be open about.

Up until a few decades ago, it was still not common to openly speak about sex with no emotions, or bonding, because of the suppression, coming from cultural norms, rooted in deep religiousness.

With the passing of time, though the grip of religious dogmas had loosened on society, allowing fuck buddies enough presence in the mindset of people to be given a name.

Spread and Usage

How did Fuck buddy spread?

Fuck buddy is an expression already known by most English speakers, mainly because of the easily decipherable meaning.

The expression’s relevance is at peak, with apps like Tinder seeing widespread use. Truly, the love generation had died out. All that’s left is the body.

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