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What does GILF mean?

GILF is an acronym, standing for Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck, even though it can stand for Grandfather I’d Like to Fuck.

The person doesn’t have to be an actual grandparent for the term to be used for them.

The whole phrase can rarely be found, but the abbreviation is often used.

The term is a modification of MILF, referring to a Mother I’d Like to Fuck.

In a matter of approximately 20 years, it followed MILF from being completely unknown to the mainstream.

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What's the origin of GILF?

The origins of GILF are to be found with the origins of MILF, with the same method of abbreviation used in both cases.

The concept of an attractive mother having a relationship with a boy got introduced in 1967’s The Graduate.

MILF has most possibly been first used in Motorbooty, a magazine issued in the 90’s. MILF first appeared on the internet in 1995.

Spread and Usage

How did GILF spread?

With the screening of the legendary American Pie, the term entered the database of every horny pubescent boy, growing up in the 2000’s.

The term GILF most possibly has been born sometime around here, seeing how MILF had spread into every corner of the internet, from porn sites to forums and memepages, GILF and MILF is still present in our lives.

External References

  • Urban Dictionary – Gilf

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