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What does Glocking mean?

When a man is receiving a blowjob, then starts thrusting this penis into the bj giving persons mouth, it is called Glocking.

The term is derived from the choking, gurgling sound the person who is giving the blowjob makes when the mans’ penis hits their throat in each thrust.

Some people find that Glocking increases the enjoyment of the blowjob experience. It may also release more saliva, so that the penis slides better.

However, thrusting too hard to the blowjob givers throat may eventually cause injury to their throat, or vomiting.

An alternate definition is that Glocking means using a Glock, which is a type of pistol.

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What's the origin of Glocking?

The origin of Glocking is unclear, but the slang is derived from the sound the person’s throat makes when hit by the penis.

The sexual act of Glocking is likely to have been around for millenniums, ever since humanity started giving blowjobs.

Spread and Usage

How did Glocking spread?

Many online porn videos feature Glocking, including choking sounds and excessive saliva, that is meant to enhance the feeling of the blowjob.

It is especially popular in bondage and BDSM videos, and the experience is normally rather enjoyed by the receiving part than the giving part, so that Glocking can be a type of punishment.

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