Greek Sex

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What does Greek Sex mean?

 Greek sex is a slang term for anal penetrative coitus, either between a man and a woman or between two men.

The term holds a large amount of historical data, looking at the sexual relationships of antiquity.

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What's the origin of Greek Sex?

It is unclear when Greek sex entered the English dictionary as a slang phrase for anal intercourse, but Greek people have a historic association with it.

The notion, that Hellenes possess a major connection to rectal penetration comes from the fact, that in ancient Greece love between two men was considered to be pure and ideal, while love between a man and a woman was solely for the purpose of reproduction.

Spread and Usage

How did Greek Sex spread?

 In the Roman era, it was common for Greek settings in plays and comedies to hold reference to anal sex, presenting us with the fact, that the association of Greeks with rectal penetration is as old as the foundations of our civilization are.

Urban Dictionary has but two definitions on the subject, the earlier one dating back to 2004.

While it may lead to a grudge to bring up the phrase in front of our Greek friends, it is a plausible and definitely subtler way to refer to anal sex in a public setting.

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