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What does Gunt mean?

The Gunt is the unattractive part of older, over-weight women that one cannot identify as the gut, or the cunt. Therefore, it is a “gunt”.

In some cases, the “gunt” is the same as the “front-butt”. It has the appearance of a hanging butt in the front of your body, normally below the abdomen.

The “gunt”, however, may only be seen on women.

You don’t know if her fat gut is just hanging really low, because of the cleavage at the bottom that could might as well be a camel-toe.

The “gunt” is particularly visible in yoga pants or if the person’s T-shirt is a tad too short.

There exists a male version of the term as well, named the “gock”, from the combination of gut and cock.

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What's the origin of Gunt?

“Gunt” is a portmanteau of genital and cunt.

The slangs’ origin is unclear, but it was seen online as early as in 2001, in a women’s health forum, and was described as a slang term.

Although it showed up in the early 2000’s, it didn’t really spread until 2007, when we could find the slang on platforms such as Twitter.

Spread and Usage

How did Gunt spread?

“Gunt” is a derogatory term and is considered fat-shaming.

While some claim that only unhealthy, over-weight women can have a “gunt”, others say its a part of a woman’s natural body as she matures, and using the term will often lead to backlash.

In later mentions of the term, the “gunt” went from being the area between the gut and cunt, to an overhanging gut that covers the genital area.

It is often associated with the high obesity rates in the US.

External References

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