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What does Hogtie mean?

All four limbs are required to be tied behind the back in hogtie bondage.

Typically, it involves connecting a person’s wrists and ankles behind their back with ropes or cuffs, but in some BDSM context it may refer to binding the arms and legs together behind the back.

There are also variations of the “hogties”, including the western “hogtie” or the pretzel “hogtie”.

Among the many variations, one involves tying the bound wrists to the frogtied legs, making it easier for the dominant to access the crotch for sexual encounters.

Metal hogtie

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What's the origin of Hogtie?

Originally, the “hogtie” method was applied on pigs (hence the name) and other young, four-legged animals in the 19th century.

However, the exact origin of when people started using the “hogtie” bondage position on people for pleasure is unknown.

Spread and Usage

How did Hogtie spread?

“Hogtie” bondage probably became popular because it requires only basic rope skills or leather or velcro restraints, but it  very effectively limits mobility.

There are also various sources about the subject, along with books, helping guides, etc.. One of the most reliable sources that includes “hogtie” is a Wikipedia article titled Bondage positions and methods.

The earliest entry submitted about the term on Urban Dictionary was in 2006.

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