Hot Carl

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What does Hot Carl mean?

Hot Carl is a sexual slang that describes various activities that involve feces.

Some of the most mentioned variations of the slang involve:

  1. Defecating on another person’s face, either directly, or the person’s face is covered with plastic wrap that you defecate on.
  2. Defecating into a sock, then proceed to slap another person’s face with it.
  3. Same as the “Cleveland steamer” – defecating on your partner’s chest while having sex.

Anyhow, the activity involves poop and is usually sexual.

It belongs to a particular fetish named “coprophilia”, a paraphilia that involves feeling sexual pleasure from feces.

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What's the origin of Hot Carl?

The slang term appeared in the beginning of the 2000’s and became a popular search term around 2004-2005.

Exactly why it is called a “Hot Carl” remains a mystery, but it is one of many slang terms that refer to sexual activities involving excrement, including “chili dog”, “rusty trombone” and “Dirty Sanchez”.

Spread and Usage

How did Hot Carl spread?

By 2010, the coprophilic slang term gained so much fame that an iPhone app was created with the same name.

Coprophilia, also called scatophilia, is a type a paraphilia that are often frowned upon by many that do not participate, however, close to 20 % of SM (sadomasochism) participants claim to have at least tried it.

American rapper Hot Karl, originally named Jensen Karp, adopted the name in the beginning of his music career.

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