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What does Hotwife mean?

Hotwife is a term used for a swinger spouse, who is taking part in sexual intercourse, with the husband’s consent and often supervision.

The husband usually doesn’t partake in extramarital affairs, though it can change according to the settings. A synonym for hotwife is a slutwife.

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What's the origin of Hotwife?

Sharing one’s attractive spouse or “hotwifing” is related to the cuckolding fetish. The husbands in these relationships often refer to themselves as “cuckolds” and “hotwifers”.

Hotwifing is not considered cheating, since the husband acknowledges and consents to the affair.

The spouses may get aroused in several ways, from the excitement of something taboo to a jealousy fetish.

The term, hotwife appeared in the early 90’s, on online swinger sites.

It is not the same as swinging, though, because only one half of the couple is taking part in the intercourse, although in some cases hotwifing is used as foreplay and escalates into a threesome.

Hotwifing, as widely discussed it is, still remains in most cases an exciting fantasy for couples.

Spread and Usage

How did Hotwife spread?

The term was born and spread on the internet, mostly used on forums and threads, related to swinging and polygamous communities.

Hotwifing can also be found on porn sites, as well as Reddit, where people discuss the kink.

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