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What does Humbler mean?

The word humbler itself refers to a person who humbles or humiliates another person.

However, the term is more often than not used as the name of a BDSM/Bondage or torture device, the “Humbler”.

This restraining device is used on men, and rather than actively restraining them like most bondage equipment, such as handcuffs, it inhibits movement by causing strong pain in the person who is restrained if they attempt to move.

The device functions as a testicle cuff, and the balls are placed in the centre of an elongated bar, often placed behind the thighs, leaving the submissive male in a bent doggy position, exposing his anus.

If the man attempts to straighten his legs, he ends up pulling his restrained testicles, causing extreme discomfort.

The Man Humbler…. One guess what goes between the bars

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What's the origin of Humbler?

The usage of the “humbler” belongs to the BDSM genre “cock and ball torture”, in which submissive males find sexual satisfaction in getting their genitals abused.

It’s name comes from the adjective “humble”, a person who is meek and modest.

Using a “humbler” is likely to make the most arrogant and prideful man humble.

Spread and Usage

How did Humbler spread?

While most people find using “humblers” and other CBT (cock and ball torture) devices unimaginable, fans argue that it allows you to give up control and gain pleasure from receiving pain.

The “humbler” device can be bought in numerous sex- and kink shops, amongst endless similar devices such as testicle cuffs and cock harnesses.

You can often see the device in action on various porn sites.

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