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What does Humiliatrix mean?

The term humiliatrix is thought to be a portmanteau of the words humiliation and dominatrix, referring to a woman who exerts her power not by the use of physical force, but rather the power of the words, humiliating her sexual partner.

Findom and cuckolding can all be included into the methods of bringing shame to the submissive of a humiliatrix.

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What's the origin of Humiliatrix?

The first recorded usage of the word in the English language comes from 1853, when the Diary and Autobiography of Edmund Bohun got its translation, though here the word got adopted from Latin, where the term literally means “humiliating woman”.

Spread and Usage

How did Humiliatrix spread?

The term experienced a rise in usage with the spread of erotic humiliation, in real life practice, as well as the internet.

Humiliation may bring erotic pleasure to several people, be it dominant or submissive. The first Urban Dictionary entry on the term was added in 2007.

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