Intercrural sex

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What does Intercrural sex mean?

Intercrural sex refers to the non-penetrative sexual activity where the male rubs his penis in between another person’s thighs, usually a woman.

This method may be equally pleasurable for the man, and even the woman if the penis rubs against her clitoris.

It is a favorable option to avoid pregnancy or STI’s that can be unwanted side effects of normal penetrative sex, especially if the sexual partners don’t have a condom.

Some have suggested that it is also a good option for gay sexual partners, if none of them wishes to receive anal sex.

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What's the origin of Intercrural sex?

The term Intercrural stems from the latin words inter, meaning “between”, and crurae, meaning “thighs”, leaving the word meaning “between thighs sex”.

The act is often seen depicted in Greek art, such as on antique vases.

One vase features images of Greek god of the West Wind, Zephyrus, and the young spartan boy Hyacinthus participating in Intercrural sex.

Spread and Usage

How did Intercrural sex spread?

Besides being discussed by Greek mythology enthusiasts and being a safe option to penetrative sex, Intercrural sex has also given a chance for deeply religious people to sexually satisfy each other without betraying God.

Apart from medieval Christianity, Intercrural sex is accepted in many religions that normally defy penetrative sex.

Hence, this sexual activity is welcomed by both hetero- and homosexuals, as well as religious people.

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