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What does Irrumatio mean?

Irrumatio is the original classical word for skullfucking, given to us by the creators of civilization as we know it; the Romans.

“Irrumatio” differs from fellatio in the fact, that the receiver is not actively tending to the penis, rather it is shoved into the mouth forcibly, essentially in an act of face rape.

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What's the origin of Irrumatio?

The term is coming from the latin verb irrumo which literally means “I insert my penis violently into someone else’s mouth.”

The action was practiced in times as ancient, as ancient Rome, so the linguists of the time cleverly came up with a term to describe it, gifting us with the title of this article.

Irrumatio” in the classical era occurred almost exclusively among men, so it had been more prevalent for males of that time to be raped in the face.

One may observe that Rome was indeed the original rape culture, with such descriptive terms on the subject.

Spread and Usage

How did Irrumatio spread?

Rape and oral sex had been part of the human experience for all of history, so words were always needed to describe them.

Just like we have clever ways of defining oral rape, like skullfucking, facefucking and throatfucking, our ancestors also possessed sufficient variety in their dictionary to name it, as “irrumatio” presents to us.

The term had been used in Europe for over two thousand years and while it is obviously not as often encountered today, it is still a word, we may introduce to our lexicon.

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