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What does Jilling off mean?

To “jill off” is the act of female masturbation, just as “jacking off” is masturbation for men.

The sexual activity may involve only the woman’s hands and fingers, or it can be aided by sex toys, such as dildos or vibrators.

Synonyms are “fingering”, “flicking the bean”, “pat the bunny”, “petting the pussy”, “doing the two finger tango”, and numerous other very creative terms. These all refer to female masturbation.

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What's the origin of Jilling off?

The term is derived from the famous English nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill”. However, the names “Jack and Jill” has numerous other meanings in other areas where a man and a woman is involved, such as in movies (Jack and Jill, 2011), dancing competitions, fairytales and so on.

Hence, because to “Jack” off is male masturbation, to “Jill” off is an analogy used for female masturbation.

Spread and Usage

How did Jilling off spread?

Although the male oriented term “jacking off” is more known, “jilling off” are popular search words for porn videos.

“Jilling off” porn videos will usually feature a solo woman playing with herself and masturbating, with or without sextoys.

In daily life, the term “jilling off” is usually exchanged for the more known “fingering” or simply just “masturbating”, when referring to female self-pleasing.

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