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What does Jinkies mean?

The term Jinkies is an interjection, used when expressing amazement or surprise.

According to one of Urban Dicitonary’s definition, it can also refer to boobies.

It’s often used in the older episodes of Scooby Doo to signify surprise and the discovery of a clue.

Damn Velma your Jinkies

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What's the origin of Jinkies?

The expression “Jinkies” is mostly used in the popular cartoon series Scooby Doo by Velma or even occasionally by Daphne in the late 60s and 70s.

In the newer version, it’s rare to hear the characters using this term.

“Jinkies” is one of the most well-known expression from Scooby Doo, just like “zoinks” or the popular “scooby snack”, which made it into the pages of the Oxford Englsh Dictionary.

Spread and Usage

How did Jinkies spread?

The term as it has been said before got popular by Velma in the TV show Scooby Doo around the late 60s and 70s.

There are multiple sources on the internet where you can read about the definition, meaning of the term “Jinkies”, such as Urban Dicitonary, Reddit or Your Dicitonary for example.

There are compilation videos on Youtube as well made by Scooby Doo fanatics about the term, such as “Every Time Velma Says “Jinkies!” in the Pat Stevens Era (1976-1979)”.

It is still quite a common way to express the feeling of surprise among children in english-speaking countries.

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