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What does LBFM mean?

LBFM is an abbreviation meaning “Little Brown Fucking Machine”.

It is mostly used to refer to Southeast-Asian (most commonly Filipina, or Indonesian) sex workers, as well as a derogatory term for women of this region, kind of like sexy bitch.

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What's the origin of LBFM?

LBFM was introduced to the English vocabulary, during the Vietnam War, when sex deprived American soldiers had been interacting with the local populous, namely the prostitutes, whom they highly disrespected and channeled this sentiment into the phrase Little Brown Fucking Machine.

The term refers to the general physique of Vietnamese women, who usually have smaller structure, as well as a darker skin tone.

Spread and Usage

How did LBFM spread?

After the end of the war, however, the term had not died. Instead, its use shifted from specifically using it for Vietnamese women, to applying it to all Southeast-Asian sex workers or females.

Today it is mostly encountered in the porn communities that focus on women from that region, as well as in Hong Kong where prostitutes with such ethnicity are more widely encountered.

It is present and used on the internet, with the first Urban Dictionary entry being added in 2003.

External References

  • Urban Dictionary – LBFM

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