Mandingo Party

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What does Mandingo Party mean?

The word Mandingo has its meaning defined on the website Online Etymology Dictionary as: “people of the upper Niger region of West Africa, 1620s”.

The phrase refers to a sex act, otherwise known as an orgy, arranged for black men to have sex with the wives of white men in front of them.

This is a fetish called cuckoldry, which is when people are getting off on being humiliated in a way.

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What's the origin of Mandingo Party?

The term is a combination of two separate words Mandingo and Party with their own meaning, unlike many other phrases made up of words with no real meaning.

It is not possible to tell where the phrase originates from or when was it first used.

The first mention on the internet was submitted by a user to the website called Urban Dictionary in 2009, defining the meaning and use.

Spread and Usage

How did Mandingo Party spread?

Since the term originates from a sexual act and the internet loves porn, the term is widely used daily on most pornographic websites like Pornhub or Redtube and discussion forum website like 4chan or Reddit.

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