Mating Press

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What does Mating Press mean?

Mating press is a sex position commonly seen at hentai or used in rule 34 and sometimes in porn.

It is commonly a missionary position from the view of the mating couple’s rear, and with the added touch of the penetrators (male) legs higher when the receivers (women) legs for deeper penetration, and its looks like the penetrator is squatting on the receiver while they are in this position.

This position is commonly seen in kinks like breeding/impregnation videos, with the receiver sceptical of being pleased/fucked or being superior or cocky, followed by the woman’s egg being fertilized within seconds of the penetrator cumming inside of her despite in reality it takes a lot more time (several days, weeks) to the woman to get actually fertilized and become pregnant.

In the end the woman is usually crying out of pleasure as the result of the whole act.

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What's the origin of Mating Press?

The origin of the term is unknown.

Mating press started to become popular because of the Japanese culture and porn anime (hentai) and manga (doujins) making their way to the internet after the 1990s.

Spread and Usage

How did Mating Press spread?

Mating press is a very popular on the internet as of 2020. Since “cuck” porn has been on the rise.

The term Mating press can be found on all major porn sites and message boards like Reddit and

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