Meat curtains

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What does Meat curtains mean?

The term Meat curtains is a vulgar slang referring to the long, overly stretched out vaginal lips or vulva. Also known as: “beef curtains”, “elephant ears” or the “giblet pouch”.

Lot of people use the term beef curtains to be more specific, because the vaginal lips (labia majora) are immensely fleshy, drapery like the slices of roasted beef.

100% Chance of Meat Curtains.

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What's the origin of Meat curtains?

The slang “Meat curtains” can be identified since 1988 (as of 6/20/2020), making it to the quasi-mainstream in the mid-1990s with references from smaller rock bands and B-list comedians.

With the rise in popularity of rather vulgar boards in the likes of 4chan, terms like “Meat curtains” have turned more and more from slang into everyday language amongst young people.

Spread and Usage

How did Meat curtains spread?

The first time the term appeared in the public spotlight in late 2017 was when there was a conflict between the two Hip-Hop artists Azelia Banks and Remy Ma.

During the whole dispute, Remy Ma leaked their private message with Banks, supposedly with pictures in the messages, in which the singer was complaining about her “beef curtains”.

Days later Banks responded with a more tempting picture on Instagram with the caption: “For the record… I don’t have beef curtains.”

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