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What does MedFet mean?

MedFet is the shortened word for the paraphilia medical fetish, in which the subject is aroused by doctors and medical procedures.

It has various forms, ranging from a mere attraction to doctors, to straight arousal by operations or even amputations.

It is often associated with BDSM, where the dominant assumes the position of the doctor, while the subservient plays as the patient.

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What's the origin of MedFet?

It is most commonly used as an abbreviation in speech, Fet being the widely embraced abbreviation of fetish.

It is conveniently rhyming and matching with the short version of the word ‘medical’. MedFet just rolls of the tongue during speech.

Spread and Usage

How did MedFet spread?

Like all fetishes, the age of the internet has brought a golden age for MedFet.

Porn sites are swarmed by films set in the doctor’s office, not to speak of the deep lairs of the BDSM scene, where one can arrange sessions with no problems.

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