Mind Break

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What does Mind Break mean?

To experience Mind break is when you are experiencing so much pleasure – usually sexual – that you simply cannot use your brain anymore.

You can’t think, cannot use logic, and can barely present a full sentence, because you are having such a strong feeling of euphoria.

It mainly refers to women, and is generally described in gang-bang situations when multiple people are pleasuring the woman at once.

She is completely overwhelmed with pleasure to the point that she cannot function anymore.

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What's the origin of Mind Break?

“Mind break” stems from Japanese pornographic manga, such as The Great Escape.

The slang term was made famous by the protagonist Ai Sugimoto, after she experienced “mind break” during a graphic sexual scene.

Spread and Usage

How did Mind Break spread?

“Mind break” is frequently seen in Japanese hentai movies and manga, and it’s normally the heroine of the story that experiences it.

These are pornographic novels enjoyed by mainly men, either for sexual pleasure or because of general interest in manga.

One of the most defining features of a “mind break” is the “ahegaokin” facial expression, which is a close up of the hentai heroine while she is clearly experiencing strong pleasure.

Complete “mind breaks”, however, only take place in fiction, as a person’s mind cannot really be broken from sexual pleasure.

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