Mississippi Milkshake

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What does Mississippi Milkshake mean?

A Mississippi milkshake is a sexual activity which involves anal sex followed by ejaculating in the receiving person’s.

The sperm and other bodily substances that then emerge from the anus is collected in a container, then drank by both participants.

If you are lucky, the substance drank will mostly contain sperm, but often, it will contain fecal matter.

Other versions exist, such as the Mississippi Mud Milkshake, or the Alabama Milkshake.

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What's the origin of Mississippi Milkshake?

The exact origin of the slang is unknown, but the earliest definition of it on the internet was in 2008.

More than 10 years later a song titled “Mississippi Milkshake Redux” was released by YouTuber “Zaenyx” in December 2019. The song involves lyrics such as; “We need no milk, just a glass, dick out and shove it up my ass”, and similar, referring to this nontraditional sexual activity.

Spread and Usage

How did Mississippi Milkshake spread?

As most people are naturally uncomfortable with ingesting anal substances, it is not a popular sexual activity.

The term is more often referred to as a joke, or to purposely disgust another person, such as a friend.

Mississippi Milkshake is more often used as a reference to the refreshing summer drink featuring dairy products, than this morbid sexual activity.


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