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What does Munging mean?

A sick and grotesque activity hopefully not actually being practiced in real life.

Munging involves minimum two people going to a graveyard. They will then dig up a fresh body that has not yet completely decomposed.

Sometimes they will then have sex with the corpse, but this is not necessary for Munging.

One of the participants will then place his lips over the corpses genitals.

The other person will jump from the tombstone and poke his elbow into the gut of the corpse, causing bodily fluids, maggots and embalming materials into the mouth of the other person, who then swallows it.

Munging is the term for getting these fluids and materials on your face and in your mouth.

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What's the origin of Munging?

The original meaning of the word “mung” is something disgusting, such as filth or muck.

Munging as a verb originally means “to make dirty” or to “spoil, ruin or destroy”.

The bizarre activity of Munging is rumored to originate from the early 1990’s in LA, but it is questionable if anyone actually participated in it.

Spread and Usage

How did Munging spread?

Munging is more of a bizarre joke told to cause reactions, rather than an activity being done.

People will start by asking “do you know what Munging is?” for then to describe it, causing the poor, innocent listener to become nauseous and disgusted.

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