Mustache ride

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What does Mustache ride mean?

A mustache ride is a sexual activity where a guy has a big mustache, and a woman receives oral sex from him by sitting on his face.

It is particularly enjoyable for the woman because the man’s mustache tickles her sensitive areas.

In general, the woman is straddling his face as if she is riding a horse, however, other sexual positions involving oral sex and a mustache can claim the name.

The term also functions as an excuse for men who don’t want to shave their mustache, and therefore claim that it’s because they want to be able to better please their women. This tactic can be somewhat counter-effective, though, cause if you don’t look good with a mustache, there is no one who will go on a “mustache ride” with you.

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What's the origin of Mustache ride?

“Mustache ride” is first mentioned by character “Thorny” in the 2001 comedy film “Super Troopers”.

2 years later it was defined as “When a woman rides your face with her vagina” by user WAC on Urban Dictionary.

Spread and Usage

How did Mustache ride spread?

We can find the precursors to this expression even earlier, such as in JAY-Z’s track “Can I Get A…”, released in 1998. A line in verse 2 of the lyrics say: “Before I put this pussy on your mustache”.

In 2017, Adam Sandler’s was a guest of the late night show with CONAN, and he shares a story of his “mustache ride” gone wrong, when his children accidentally overheard him offering his wife the sexual favour.

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