Mutual masturbation

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What does Mutual masturbation mean?

Mutual masturbation may have two similar meanings:

  1. Two or more people simultaneously masturbate each other.
  2. Two or more people masturbate themselves, together with each other, while observing or communicating with each other.

It may be viewed as a form of non-penetrative sex, where the parts are satisfying each other sexually but no penetration is involved. For example, hand jobs belong to this category.

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What's the origin of Mutual masturbation?

Recorded usage of the term dates back to the early 1900’s, but the frequency is very low up until the late 1970’s, where the usage significantly increases.

There has been a gradual increase over the past decades, much thanks to the availability of online porn.

However, the actual meaning of the term as a sexual activity, has been around for very much longer, with no known origin.

Spread and Usage

How did Mutual masturbation spread?

The term Mutual masturbation, and the activity itself, is widely spread on online porn websites. It is especially popular in gay- and lesbian categories, but is also often seen in heterosexual videos or groupsex.

The act can lead to orgasm and therefore be a full sexual encounter in itself, or it is used as a warm-up before penetrative intercourse.

It is equally used in homo- and heterosexual relationships, and is not age-dependent.

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