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What does Nakadashi mean?

The term nakadashi is a Japanese word for performing a creampie. It basically means cumming inside the vagina in adult entertainment movies.

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What's the origin of Nakadashi?

The first mention of the term on the internet is unknown, however the word dates back to the creation of the first Japanese dictionaries.

The term nakadashi is the same as other Japanese things that came with the culture spreading to the Western world.

It came together with the “weeb” culture to outside of japan and got popular early because of hentai and doujin manga’s, then later Asian and especially Japanese adult entertainment.

Spread and Usage

How did Nakadashi spread?

After the 1990s when Japanese culture was introduced to the Western world, people all around the world started to search for the term, which has prompted the Japanese porn industry to produce more videos featuring such act.

At first you could only find censored versions of such videos, however due to the rise in popularity of Japanese porn, they started producing uncensored videos, which has made it even more desirable.

Nowadays you can find videos related to nakadashi on all major porn sites like Pornhub and Redtube and also references to it on message board website like Reddit and

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