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What does Onahole mean?

Onahole is a Japanese word that is the name of the male masturbation sex toy, which is an artificial vagina (pussy).

The device was created to imitate the female sex organ, generally made from soft materials like silicone that is needed to lubricate and sometimes heated for added pleasure.

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What's the origin of Onahole?

The term Onahole got popular when people all around the world started to like the Japanese culture and that they were all different from what they were used to.

Japanese sex toys represent anime characters even in the Japanese sex shops because of the “weeb” culture, which has prompted people all around the world to want these imported from them as it is kind of like a prestige for them.

The Japanese porn industry saw that it as a good opportunity for them to rise in popularity which has prompted brands like “Tenga” to pop up all around the world, selling sex toys.

Spread and Usage

How did Onahole spread?

Onahole is used by a lot of men all around the world just like many other sex toys.

Anyone who needed something different could get one as not everyone can afford or confident enough to get themselves a partner or simply are just virgins, who would like to practice before they get into a serious relationship.

Due to their uniqueness, these items are highly sought after by certain audiences.

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