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What does Paginis mean?

Paginis, also known as Epicena Vacuus, is a very rare medical condition that develops in the womb.

Those who have “Paginis” do not have a sex organ or they have a so-called hybrid one, which is a mysterious combination of a vagina and a penis, and they develop no distinguishing traits.

But mainly the term “paginis” refers to the so-called hybrid genitalia that hermaphrodites have, and not to the disorder.

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What's the origin of Paginis?

“Paginis” forms in the womb where, for unexplained reasons, the individual’s sex chromosomes form a “Z” rather than a “Y” or “X”, resulting in a gender neutral person.

The origin of the term and the condition is unknown since it is a very uncommon condition, and it still raises many questions.

However, “paginis” is more of an urban term than a medical one. It was certainly not a term used before the 21st century.

Spread and Usage

How did Paginis spread?

The term “paginis” has been popularized in the 21st century, it has even featured on the popular cartoon series Family Guy.

The earliest entry submitted on Urban Dictionary dates back to 2005.

There still isn’t enough information about the disorder, let alone on the internet since it didn’t get as much recognition as other terms usually do.

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