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What does Panromantic mean?

Panromantic is a romantic orientation in which a person gives no thought to what gender a person is, they are simply just attracted to the person.

A “panromantic” can have romantic feelings towards any gender, and also gender-fluid people, or people who do not associate with a gender at all.

It is slightly different from “pansexual”, as pansexuals are sexually attracted to people of any gender, as opposed to “panromantics” who can be romantically attracted but asexual at the same time.

In other words, “panromantics” can be in love with any person, but they may not have sexual feelings whatsoever.

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What's the origin of Panromantic?

The term was coined to define a person whose attraction is not restricted to any particular gender.

It is combined by the prefix “pan”, which is also seen in “pansexual”, and the term “romantic”, indicating that the attraction is not necessarily sexual.

It appeared somewhere after 2010, and was first defined on AVENWiki in 2013.

Spread and Usage

How did Panromantic spread?

The “panromantic” community on Reddit has gained over 1.2K members in just a year, and the topic is also popular on Tumblr.

In the 2019 Netflix series “Sex Education”, character “Ola” comes out as “panromantic” in season 2.

Panromanticism and pansexuality is more common than some might think, and famous people such as Bella Thorne and Miley Cyrus have admitted it as their orientation.

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