Penis fly trap

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What does Penis fly trap mean?

The penis fly trap is the penis version of the Venus Fly Trap, a plant known for eating meat.

However, in the penis case, the trap is not a plant, but usually a woman.

“Penis fly trap” has several equally accurate definitions:

One definition claims that it is when a woman is giving you head, but has made clear that she doesn’t want to swallow. Then, when the time comes for you to ejaculate, you trap her head with your thighs, and force her to swallow anyway.

Another one claims that the “fly trap” plays on the slang term for the zipper on your pants, the “fly”. If you are really unfortunate, your penis or balls stick out a bit when you are zipping up your pants, resulting in a painful penis trap.

Last but not least, is when a lady makes you super aroused, and you are certain that you will get laid. When you finally think she will let you inside, she tells you that she doesn’t want to after all, leaving you with massive “blue balls”.

Penis fly trap

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What's the origin of Penis fly trap?

The “penis fly trap” is a wordplay on the meat-eating plant Venus Fly-Trap. This particular plant that looks a bit like a tiny dinosaur feeds by seducing its prey, usually flies, with a sweet nectar before luring them into a certain death.

In all of the 3 definitions mentioned above, the penis is somehow trapped, either by a woman or a zipper.

The first definitions of the term online appeared in the early 2000’s, and the expression was particularly popular in 2005.

Spread and Usage

How did Penis fly trap spread?

In 2002, an American pop/rock band was inspired by the funny wordplay and named themselves Penis Fly Trap.

Another carnivorous plant, the “pitcher” plant, has also made itself worthy of the name “penis fly trap”, because it also catches and devours flies, but has an elongated shape that may be similar to a penis.

Heavy metal band Sexxmetal recently released a track named “Penis Fly Trap” April 18th, 2020.

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