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What does Petplay mean?

The term Petplay is a type of BDSM fetish, which has three variants: Ponyplay, Puppyplay and Kittenplay that are all applied to bring out the animal instincts of one.

The variant called Ponyplay is where one dresses up as a horse or pony in a latex dress and pulls a cart or is getting rode by his/her master on all four legs.

The variant Puppyplay is where there is a Master or Handler or Trainer who trains the ones who like to be the puppy or dog in the play.

When there are multiple puppies, the hierarchy is the same as if they were real dogs and have an alpha who is the leader.

Usually, there is an ownership in the play, so the ones who don’t have a collars are referred to as strays, and it’s the most popular out of the three variants.

The last variant Kittenplay is simply dressing up and acting like a cat that always keeps its independence.

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What's the origin of Petplay?

The term and act Petplay appeared not much after the appearance of the initial BDSM craze, which started getting popular with the people who loved acting like pets as part of having sex.

Spread and Usage

How did Petplay spread?

Since Petplay is a sexual fetish and you can basically find anything on the internet, it can be deemed quite popular both in real life and hentai as well.

You can even find private conventions on the internet, where people arrange meetings with other fellow BDSM enthusiasts.

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