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What does Pillow princess mean?

A pillow princess is a woman who only likes to be the receiving part of sexual activities, without giving anything back.

The term is mainly used about LGBTQ women, particularly lesbians.

She will just lay there, head on the pillow, legs spread and expect you to do all the work. She expects to be treated like a princess, being pleasured without pleasuring back.

She expects you to give her oral sex until she climaxes, but wont have her mouth anywhere near your genitals in return.

Some like to refer to them as “starfish”, cause they just lay there with their arms and legs spread.

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What's the origin of Pillow princess?

“Princess” has been a slang term for gay or lesbian ever since the 50’s, and “pillow” refers to something soft, spoiled and lazy.

A publication was released in 1992, discussing lesbian relationship dynamics, and one of them involved that the “butch”, the masculine person of the relationship, would initiate the sex, while the “femme”, the feminine person would act as a “pillow princess”.

This was the first recorded instance of the slang term.

Spread and Usage

How did Pillow princess spread?

Up until the 2010’s, the slang term mainly referred to LGBTQ women, but the media converted it into heterosexual uses as well.

Widespread over multiple social media platforms we find men describing lazy “pillow princesses”.

Articles found on men’s pages such as Men’s Health and dkoding are there for you if you are unsure whether the girl you are dating is a “pillow princess” or not, and how to change it.

XOJane released an article by a woman who had realized that she herself is the dreaded lesbian “pillow princess”.

Some even argue that it’s possible to figure out whether someone is a “pillow princess” or not before the sexual encounter, as the prettier the woman is, the more likely she is to be one.

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