Portuguese breakfast

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What does Portuguese breakfast mean?

“Portuguese breakfast” as a slang sadly has nothing to do with delicious portuguese culinary endeavours.

A “Portuguese breakfast” involves a woman who will lay on her back lifting her pelvis and spreading her legs.

It will also involve some eggs, and while you can probably let your fantasy do the work from here, let me tell you that the portuguese breakfast is prepared by cracking then pouring the eggs into the ladies’ vagina, then inserting your penis and having sex with her, “scrambling” the eggs.

You now have scrambled eggs. A portuguese breakfast.

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What's the origin of Portuguese breakfast?

The term was first used in the movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, 2005.

In a short scene, a sex teacher explains to a class how a “Portuguese breakfast” is made.

A lady is laying on the front desk, only partly covered by a sheet, and an assistant cracks some eggs, mixes them, then supposedly pours them into the woman’s vagina.

The teacher then asks the lady “How was your “Portuguese breakfast”?” to which the woman responds “Delicious!”

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Spread and Usage

How did Portuguese breakfast spread?

The same year as the movie came out, definitions of the new meaning of “Portuguese breakfast” was shared on the internet.

Men would jokingly ask women if they want a “Portuguese breakfast”, usually knowing that the woman doesn’t know he is talking about the intercourse-type.

However, the term is not widely used, and most search results for “Portuguese breakfast” on the internet will still lead you to delicious food recipes.

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