Power bottom

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What does Power bottom mean?

Power bottom is the gay term for the dominant recipient.

While they are usually subservient, power bottoms are known to be in control over the “tops”, or the penetrators.

PWR BTTM may refer to an American queer punk band, formed in 2013.

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What's the origin of Power bottom?

The origin of the term is unknown, though it is most likely coming from the late 20th century, when the LGBT movement started to spread and gained acceptance.

Power in the phrase refers to the dominant state of the “bottom” that is a widely used term among same sex couples referring to the recipient in sex.

Spread and Usage

How did Power bottom spread?

It is still mostly used by the gay or the LGBT community, and it is rarely found outside of there. We may encounter it on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as message boards, centered about homosexuality.

The term got its entry on Urban Dictionary in 2004, with several other definitions enlightening those, interested in its meaning.

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