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What does Queening mean?

Queening is the old world term for the most popular sexual practice of women; facesitting.

The name comes from the fact, that historically, worldwide queens and women from royal dynasties often indulged in sitting on their slaves’ faces.

While the term may be obscured by the more descriptive, contemporary synonym, the practice itself is at its height, with people reconciling with the feminine energies and eating that pussey from under all over the globe.

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What's the origin of Queening?

Queening had been depicted in various illustrations from ancient Egypt to feudal Japan to Victorian England, which leads to the conclusion, that getting eaten out from down under was a kind of treat, that was fit for a queen, even from a lowly peasant or slave.

In fact, in Japan, certain bordellos offered slaves, who were professional queeners, possibly acting as pussies all the time, because they didn’t eat much else.

Spread and Usage

How did Queening spread?

Queening is known today as facesitting and is still widely present, as the sexual desires of humans didn’t quench over the years – on the contrary.

The end of the 20th century brought with it the love generation and other such movements, which strived to take sex and bedroom gymnastics out from the closet and embrace the true animals within us.

Today facesitting is especially embraced by the BDSM community, where submissive men are often required to please their mistress, by providing their visage as cushion.

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