Rainbow kiss

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What does Rainbow kiss mean?

If you want to have a Rainbow Kiss, first you need one woman on her period, and a man who is willing to go down on her.

The man is giving the woman oral sex while she is bleeding.

Simultaneously, the woman is giving the man oral sex till he ejaculates in her mouth.

Now the man has period blood in his mouth, and the woman has sperm in hers. And now, they kiss, exchanging these bodily fluids together with their saliva.

The combination of the semen, the period blood and the saliva creates a colourful mix, similar to a rainbow – if you look away from the 6 missing colours…

Rainbow kiss

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What's the origin of Rainbow kiss?

The concept has existed since the early 2000’s, most online instances appearing around 2003.

Some consider it to be a next-level, twisted version of “snowballing”, a sexual activity where one ejaculates into someone’s mouth, then proceed to make out with them, passing the sperm between each others mouths.

Spread and Usage

How did Rainbow kiss spread?

While most people are grossed out by period sex – or even periods at all, Cosmopolitan claims that “rainbow kissing” is simply just another way a couple can enjoy sex while menstruating.

The activity is safe to do as long as neither participant has any STDs, just like during a normal sexual encounter.

Practicing “rainbow kissing” seems absurd to most people, however, as with anything else, there is a kink for it, and some even recommend adding flavored lube to the mix for an extra tasteful effect.

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