Reverse Cowboy

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What does Reverse Cowboy mean?

Reverse Cowboy is a sex position similar to that of “reverse cowgirl”, but with the man being on top instead.

In this position, the woman is laying on her back, and the man is on top of her facing away from her head.

His penis is bent in a slightly awkward position so that he is inside of her, and then he thrusts.

Many men are unable or unwilling to do this position because the angle of the penis is too uncomfortable for them, however, the position lets him hit just the right spot for the woman, at the same time as he is stimulating her clit.

The position can also be done involving two men.

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What's the origin of Reverse Cowboy?

The reason the position is called “reverse cowboy”, or its more popular female variant “reverse cowgirl”, is because one of the participants are riding the other like a horse.

It is reverse because rather than facing the “horses” head, as you would usually do if you were actually riding, you are turned around and facing the other end instead.

The term was first used around the 1990’s.

Spread and Usage

How did Reverse Cowboy spread?

You will more often than not find the term in a sexual context, including in sexual jokes and online memes.

Jokes include implying that because you are looking away from the laying person, you could be doing anything, such as eating chips.

The term has become popular in the gay community as it is the homosexual equivalent of the famous reverse cowgirl.

The sex position can even be found in the ancient Kamasutra and is labeled “hard”.

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