Reverse Missionary

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What does Reverse Missionary mean?

Reverse missionary is quite descriptive in its name, though it might be hard to picture at first read.

It requires the man or the otherwise penetrative partner to be laying on their back and the receptive one, usually grabbing the penetrator’s feet sitting into the phallus, be it a penis of a live male or the inanimate strap on of a girlfriend.

It is an interesting sight; as it appears that the receiver is the one who is pumping the one below.

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What's the origin of Reverse Missionary?

It is impossible with sex positions, to pinpoint, where they come from and who invented them, as they are something coming out of our most primal desires and instincts.

The naming is rather adequate, as it is quite descriptive; if one would only see silhouettes, they couldn’t tell if the intercourse is done in a missionary style or a reverse missionary.

Spread and Usage

How did Reverse Missionary spread?

When the age of the internet finally hit, people got the opportunity to find out and research more varied and fun ways about coitus, so it is quite expected, that the spread of Reverse Missionarywas catalyzed by its presence on the web.

Urban Dictionary had enlightened people on the position since 2003, though porn sites are far more illustrative, not to mention the infinitely extensive content, provided by them to enlighten the curious on the methods of various sex positions.

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