Road head

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What does Road head mean?

Road head is when a man is getting a blow job while driving a vehicle.

The person giving the blowjob will loosen their seat belt and bend down to reach the mans penis discreetly, and the act is usually hard to spot from the outside of the car.

It can be dangerous and may cause accidents, as the driver naturally loses his focus during fellatio. Therefore, road head is usually given on long, straight roads with few obstacles and other cars.

Numerous people has been stopped by police during the act, either for what looked like drunk driving, or because the vehicle was moving way under the speed limit.

When I ask my wife for road head.

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What's the origin of Road head?

Road head is a term put together by the two words “road” – obviously, as you are receiving the oral sex on a road – and “head”, a synonym for blowjob, as you are technically inserting your penis into someones head.

Spread and Usage

How did Road head spread?

Road heads are popular as it comes with the excitement of doing something you are not supposed to do, in a place you are not supposed to do it.

Also, it gives the adrenaline kick of knowing that you could get caught, enhancing the experience.

High numbers of porn videos featuring road head can be found online, and also images and short videos of people being busted in giving/receiving road head can be seen.

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