Rope Bunny

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What does Rope Bunny mean?

Rope Bunny is a term for men and women, who retain pleasure from being restrained.

The setting of the situation could be both sexual or just playful, though most rope bunnies are slightly tipping the scale in the favor of sexuality.

This kind of submissiveness is widely embraced by people, all around the globe.

Mini 3D printed rope bunny

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What's the origin of Rope Bunny?

 The expression comes from the second half of the last century, probably the 1980’s or 1990’s, when the BDSM as well as the LGBT communities got more and more recognition and acceptance, thanks to the human rights movements.

This kind of acceptance, as well as the embrace of the deep dwelling sexual urges led to many people coming out with their kinks and interests, resulting in the public conversations about sexual practices and fetishes, among which being restrained is taking place.

Spread and Usage

How did Rope Bunny spread?

Since the 2000’s, the term rope bunny received more and more attention and recognition, as the internet became more and more available to people all around the globe.

These people could use the intricate threads of the web, to learn various interesting words and expressions on sites like Urban Dictionary.

These pages are contributing to people, broadening their vocabulary, with the most expressive terms, related to even the most unconventional subjects, like BDSM.

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