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What does Rub and Tug mean?

Rub and Tug is another term for a happy ending massage, or a massage parlor where happy ending massages are offered.

This is just how an erotic massage usually goes, first you get a Rug, followed by a happy ending Tug.

Although massage parlors that offer Rub and Tug can be found anywhere in the world, they are most frequent in asian countries.

Thailand is especially known for having them, as many western middle aged men spend their money in these parlors to get a special Rub and Tug service by a young asian woman or ladyboy.

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What's the origin of Rub and Tug?

Rub is a common word for massage, such as a “back rub” or “foot rub”, while Tug refers to the tugging, jerking movement of a hand job.

The first online definitions of the slang was posted in the very beginning of the 21st century.

Spread and Usage

How did Rub and Tug spread?

As the term is not as frequently used as “happy ending” and other synonyms, some people say Rub and Tug to be discreet when requesting this erotic massage.

The service is offered all around the world, however, in conservative or very religious countries they are very hidden and often don’t admit straight up that they offer a Rub and Tug, because the parlor could get in serious trouble with the government.

Rub and Tug porn videos are popular, as many people have a kink for massage parlors.

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