Running a train

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What does Running a train mean?

Running a train is a type of sexual activity involving one woman and a minimum of two men.

The men will then each take their separate turns in having sex with the woman, lining up similar to a train.

It is different from an orgy in the way that each man takes their separate turns, not all at the same time. Also, in orgies, the numbers of men and women are normally more balanced.

This activity can take place either with or without consent, and the high risk of spreading illnesses should always be accounted for.

In other contexts, “running a train” means something along the lines of dominating something, such as a sport or game.

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What's the origin of Running a train?

First heard in 1949, “train” is a reference to one woman having sex with multiple men consecutively.

In the early days of the term, it would normally refer to events where the woman did not consent, and the activity would be a type of gang rape.

It is only in more modern days that some women might agree to the activity, because there is less of a stigma around women’s sexuality.

The phrase is a metaphor where the woman is supposedly the engine, and the me lining up are the carriages of the train.

Spread and Usage

How did Running a train spread?

It was first in the 70’s that the terms definition also included consensual sex with multiple men.

In the 80’s, running or pulling a double train was a black slang referring to one women having sex with two men.

The term was later defined online in 2003.

It was used moderately until 2019, when congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the phrase to respond to some nude-leaking threats, and its usage grew radically.

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