Second base

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What does Second base mean?

Second base is the 2nd step of the “sexual bases” two people can hit when getting to know each other intimately. The second base involves breasts and/or handjobs.

First base is kissing, it can either a simple peck or full-on French.

Second base is somewhat under discussion, as some say it is only touching above the belt, such as touching the woman’s breasts, while others say that it is also touching under the belt involving fingering the girl or jerking off the guy. Anyhow, this is the first sexual step.

Third base is mouths allowed on genitals. Blowjobs and licking belongs to this base, and also playing with sextoys.

Fourth base is going all the way – having penetrative sex.

There is discussion about whether anal sex belongs to the 4th base, or if it has its own “fifth base”.

Brian gets to second base

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What's the origin of Second base?

The term originally means the second base a base runner must touch when playing baseball.

Just like in baseball, the sexual bases are usually followed consecutively, up until the great finale, or “hitting homerun”, sex.

Spread and Usage

How did Second base spread?

The sexual bases are normally only referred to by teenagers experimenting with sexuality and intimacy.

You could for example tell your friends that you finally got to “second base” with your crush, and that you are hoping for “third base” next time you go on a date.

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