Service Top

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What does Service Top mean?

Service top is yet another sexual terminology, related to same sex relationships and the intricate power plays within them.

A service top is basically the opposite of a power bottom; it is a person, who while on top is still retaining more pleasure from giving and serving his significant other, resulting in him or her being the submissive one.

Service top and power bottom is used both in gay and lesbian circles.

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What's the origin of Service Top?

The origin of the term is unknown, though it is most likely coming from the late 20th century, when the LGBT movement started to spread and gained acceptance.

The term is simple in its meaning it refers to a guy, who like to be on top, but is still the servile one, required to provide pleasure for the power bottom.

Spread and Usage

How did Service Top spread?

Service top is mostly used and encountered in circles, where same sex intercourse is discussed, so that narrows down the scenarios one may hear the phrase.

It is especially prevalent in LGBT circles, as those are the ones discussing same sex sexuality in the first place.

One may encounter the term on the internet, though if not specifically searched for, it is hard to find outside of forums and message boards, related to same sex relationships.

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