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What does Shlong mean?

Shlong is a vulgar slang for a mans penis, more commonly spelled “schlong”.

However, the “shlong” is not just any normal penis.

The “shlong” is really long, far over average, and it also needs a significant girth.

The size of the “shlong” is normally so big that it can be a challenge during sex, as most women aren’t used to “shlongs”, and it may even hurt.

A man with a “shlong” is envied by men and desired by women. He is the peak of masculinity, and is not shy in public showers.

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What's the origin of Shlong?

The term may either be adopted from the Yiddish word “shlang” meaning serpent, or the similar German word “schlange”, meaning snake – both of which are metaphors for penis because of their elongated shape.

Some have even theorized that it is an abbreviation of “shit thats long”, making “shlong” because you are in such awe that you can’t pronounce the full sentence.

Spread and Usage

How did Shlong spread?

They say a dear child has many names, which is why “shlong” is just one of many synonyms for penis.

The slang is mainly used in colloquial speech when trying to avoid the more serious names of the male genital.

It is an attractive slang in wordplays, such as on the webpage where you can check what “shlong”-size percentage you belong to.

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