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What does Situationship mean?

Situationship refers to the undefined category that friends with benefits, and exes who meet up for sex are stuck in.

It is the grey area between friendship and relationship, in which the two participants find themselves in a situation, that is slightly resembling a relationship, except for the fact, that they don’t consider it official, for fear of being labeled or too attached to one another.

“Complicated” relationships are most definitely making the majority of situationships across the world.

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What's the origin of Situationship?

The term’s origins are hidden in the veils of the mysterious past, embedded in the depths of data on the worldwide web.

It has been created as a compound of the two words situation and relationship, resulting in the portmanteau in the title.

Urban Dictionary had defined it early on, in 2006 after which other entries had swarmed the site.

Spread and Usage

How did Situationship spread?

Situationship had only truly taken off in the 2010’s, the very decade of the term, with apps such as Tinder in their prime, with casual hookups dominating the sex life of people, who seek attention but are too insecure to go and get in a proper relationship.

In the current time, when pregnancy is considered more as an unpleasant risk of sex, the reproductive purpose in relationships is shoved aside, next to the focus of personal satisfaction, situationships are a phenomenon that will most likely become more and more prevalent in our culture.

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